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problems. this is the monday grind already started. you can see traffic here about 230 minutes from 238 to mowry. let's go to steve. it's cold inland. low clouds have regrouped. weak system pushing that load crowd deck in coast and bay. a little cooler and breezy by the coast and bay. coming up next on mornings on 2 two children are among four family members missing after a boat trip in san mateo county. what the u.s. coast guard is telling us. a big fire in san mateo county. the video you will see only on two. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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it's an historic time at the vatican as the pope getting ready to step down and there's news from rome, plus right here in the bay area. and huge flames tear through this vacant home in rohnert park overnight. no one inside. we'll tell you what investigators will be doing later on inside to try to figure out what started the
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fire. ♪ >> it was a night of music and movies at last night's academy awards. look at the last night's big winners and bigger moments beyond that. "mornings on 2" begins right now. ll, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm it it -- tori campbell. it's monday, 25th of february. two missing boaters are young children in this next story. tara moriarty joins us live from yerba buena island. >> reporter: so far no trace of the sailboat or any signs of life. this search has been going on throughout the evening. so obviously reaching a desperate point right now. 
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joining me live right now is petty officer pamela bowman to update us on what's going on. >> that's right. the coast guard has been missing all night for the four people missing off the sailboat. we're asking anyone with information about the sailing vessel to contact the coast guard to provide some details. right now we don't have too much to go on. we started to receive radio calls from them around 4:00 in the afternoon saying they were taking on water. we lost communication with them at about 5:20. we've been searching by air and sea ever since. >> reporter: you are looking at pictures from chopper 2 above moffett field. >> this is a desperate situation. there's two children on board, two adults. and we need everything we can to help find these people. we called in the assistance of the 12th rescue wing.
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we worked with them a few times before. we're hopeful with a couple of more assets and help we can find them. the ele trek tronnics were failing and -- electronics were failing and we had to pinpoint the line of location. we thought it was farther north and drift patterns had them going south. >> reporter: and they didn't have a gps or -- >> the gps -- they did not have one. their electronics went out on them. we're find of doing it the old- fashioned way, searching by air and by sea to try to find them. >> reporter: thank you for joining us live. we appreciate it.
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we're gonna go on the base and see if we can learn information. the family of father, he had a life ring on board as well as a -- as well as a cooler which they tried to string together to stay afloat. that would basically determine their chances for survival. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. an overnight fire to tell you about in rohnert park. investigators believe this house fire on alma avenue started in the garage about 11 1:30 last night -- 11 1:30 last night -- 11:30 last night and spread from there. alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is a home that had been vacant for the past three months or so. i asked a rohnert firefighter if it appeared that anyone was
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staying inside, squatting. he said no. the fire broke out here in the garage. you can see it was destroyed. the flames then pred to the house before crew -- spread to the house before crews could get this under control. it started at midnight or before midnight at this this home in the 7100 block of alma avenue. three agencies were called in and were able to knock down the flames in about 25 minutes. the flames destroyed the garage and did more than $50 to, in damage. no firefighters injured, and no one inside the home was injured because it was vacant. as we bring you out here live, they will try to gather more evidence and pinpoint the cause of the fire. i'm told the firefighters are trying to reach the owner of the home who lives out of town.
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alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:05. we want to check in with sal because we've got a car fire in san leandro. >> that's right. northbound 880 just past 238 one of the lanes blocked there right at the interexis of 238 at 880. this is bad news because one of the -- intersection of 238 and 880. this is bad news because one of the lanes is blocked. the traffic in this area is not all that bad other than that. bay bridge, that is a back -- barked up for about a 25-minute delay. no major -- backed up for about a 25-minute delay. no major problems at the bay bridge. very nice drive through san jose. let's go to steve. >> low clouds around. water temperatures off the golden gate, 49.
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this weak front is coming in. a lot of 30s. local frost up towards rohnert park, novato. mostly sunny, a little breezy after this low cloud deck. it's out of here. getting warmer by the end of the week. next rain maybe around march 6th. we're in february. brutally dry. rainfall which was so good at the end of december. the tap turned off in january. we have yet to turn it back on. 88% in santa rosa. san jose, 74 but not far away. you can find greater amounts there. that's what goes down in the books. today, dry forecast and then by wednesday. thursday and friday, low to mid- 70s on the high temperatures. i think it will carry into saturday. clear, cold, some inland low. temperatures near 32. a little cooler thatten we saw on sunday. san francisco's high was yesterday. i dropped you to 58 because the low cloud deck is there.
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40s, 54 and i think you will notice a cooler pattern today than on sunday. this system is ramped up a little bit of the low cloud deck. 30s for many, inland, even some 30s by the coast. a little bit more in the way of 40s but even oakland airport is at 43. down in the deep south, a whopper system there. more snow falling 0 the back side, wichita, panhandle, it's severe weather. a lot of flights being canceled in oklahoma city. wil rogers airport. if you have travel planser that. there's the system. it will give -- travel plans there. there's the system. 50, 60s, coast and bay. a few 60s inland.
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very quiet. a little bit warmer towards wednesday and then -- we'll kick the temperatures up a notch as we head towards thursday and the from weekend looks good. >> thank you. in washington, d.c., a dispute among lawmakers over records for private gun sales is holding up a bipartisan compromise when it comes to expanding background checks. requiring background checks for vir of live all firearms is a key part to the plan to curb violence. the checks are currently only required for sales at federally- licensed dealers but not for private sales or online. and a candlelight vigil is being held tonight to honor victims of the newtown school shooting campaign. it's being held by the brady campaign. the goal, to prevent gun violence. a bell will be rung 26 times to honor each of the imhaves killed at the -- victims killed at the school in connecticut. the vigil will be held at 6:30
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at the corner of gregory lane and cleveland road in front of city hall. people who attend also plan to show support for the gun proposal. first lady michelle obama says she will challenge jerry brown and the rest of the nation's governors to make it easier for military members to get jobs after leaving combat. she plans to make the big announcement today after a white house meeting. mrs. obama wants states, including california, to pass legislation allowing veterans to get professionals credentials or licenses based on their military experience. 60,000 american troops are expected to come home from afghanistan by 2014 and the obama administration said they will need jobs when they get here. also, last night, first lady michelle obama made a surprise appearance at the academy awards. >> and the oscar goes to --
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"argo." congratulations! [ cheers ] >> "argo" won the night's top prize for best picture. that film directed by ben affect and produced by -- ben affect and produced by george clooney won. other big winners of the night at the oscars included -- jennifer lawrence for best actress in "silver lining's playbook." daniel day-lewis for "lincoln" >> coming up at 7:38. we'll bring you a live report from hollywood. 7:11. new this morning, cardinal william lavata is getting ready to hold a news conference scheduled to take place at
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10:30 at patrick seminary. it's regarding the picking of the new pope. he was archbishop of san francisco from 19 5 to 2005 before accepting a powerful job in the vatican. developing news from the vatican. why brynn's more senior cardinal is being forced to resign. it's part of a new sex scandal. and how ikea getting caught up in the dispute involving horse meat.
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a lot of thirsts. highs today, 50s to low and mid- 60s. >> thank you, steve.
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7:14. new this morning, all nippon airways say it will not fly any of its dreamliners until june at the veryertier. they say they made the announcement so the passengers would know what to expect. international regulators grounded all 787 flights last month including a series of problems. ikea is stopping all sales of meatballs in sweden after traces of horse meat were found during a random check. a shipment was comment in the czeck czeck republic. it -- in the czeck republic. the random checks of meat began across europe last month after traces of horse meat showed up in growen burgers and lasagna
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-- in frozen burgers and lasagna. kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. to tell us how the vatican is responding to the pope's retirement. >> reporter: many considered this an abrupt decision. some say this is corruption and homosexuality in the vatican. but catholic church leaders are denying those reports. the vatican spokesperson held a news conference outlying what the days will bring with his retirement start this week. keith ebrian is being -- o'brien is being forced to retire early. now he's not expected to attend the conclave to elect the next pope. also today, the pope reportedly met with the three cardinals who authored a 300-page report
7:19 am
on homosexuality and corruption within the vatican. italian media outlets say that's why the pope is resteining, not -- resigning not because of health issues. >> everybody you read in the newspapers is not true and becomes less true i dare say when it comes from other nations who don't have the standard of journalism that we have here in the united states. >> reporter: it was considered that the pope was considering releasing the report. but now he leave that decision up to the successor. the pope is allowing cardinals to meet earlier than usual to choose the next pope. i will have details on that when i see you next. back to you. >> thank you. it looks like the castro- era in cuba is coming to an end in about five years. raul castro says he plans to step down from power in 2018. he says his top lieutenant will
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take his place. raul castro is 81. he replaced fidel castro, his older brother, in 2006. fidel castro took over cuba in 1959 during a revolution. john kerry is in the united kingdom on his first overseas trip as secretary of state. the crisis in syria and iran's nuclear weapons program topped the agenda when he met with david cameron this morning. he also met with william hague. he's scheduled to visit presence, germany, its lay, and saudi arabia on his tour -- italy and -- france, germany, italy and saudi arabia on his tour. 64% of those polled said they support taking action with global warming. here in the bay area, support fell 2%.
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support for ab-32. that's california's greenhouse gas emissions law dropped 9%. a possible name at sfo is a step closer going to voters. scott wiener says he will support the effort to rename the airport harvey milk san francisco international airport. he's joining four other city supervisors in supporting that name change. organizers only need one more supervisor to agree in order to put the measure on the november ballot. 7:19. a member of the san francisco symphony is in the hospital after having a stroke. he collapsed saturday night during a performance at davies symphony hall. bennett suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. his condition this morning is being described as guarded. there is a recall for a fertility drug from a massachusetts compounding pharmacy. something was found floating in
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a vial of medication. no patients have reported any complications but the pharmacy says it's erring on the side of situation. most of the -- caution. most of the medication did stay in massachusetts. police in san leandro have security tips for you homeowners. burglars are breaking into empty houses and stealing guns and other weapons. in an effort to reduce the rise in crime rate, police suggest forming neighborhood watch groups. installing motion sensor lights outside the home. the mayor of new york city will be the featured speaker at stanford's ceremony. michael bloomberg has been the new york city mayor since 2001. he's considered a possible governor, maybe even for
7:23 am
president. "forbes" magazine has named him the 10th richest person in the united states. stanford's commencement weekend is june 14th, through the 16th. a trolley system is being proposed to link fairfax with san rafael. a newly-formed nonprofit organization is trying to convince the authority to spend $100,000 to study the idea. the group says the communities of marin were developed along train lines. businesses along the proposed route have already pledged their support. 7:21. you won't need and umbrella for a while. in fact, it will feel like spring. look outside. meteorologist steve paulson will tell you about the sunny but breezy weather we expect today. more and more strange animals are showing up a bay area homes. you will find out why in a ktvu special report. good morning. northbound and southbound 880 traffic looking good.
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but down the road there is a problem in san lee's -- san lee -- san leandro.
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welcome back. the bay area has become a hot spot for the illegal trade of exotic animals. remember the cayman known as mr. teeth? he made headlines when it was found guarding a stash of drugs at a home in castro valley. but fish and wildlife wardens say they are finding snakes and turtles and baby alligators and bobcats and plenty more. >> it's pretty constant, i would say. the demand for, you know, these kind of animals just kind of keeps on going. people are intrigued by the ill legality of them, the dangerousness -- ill legality of them -- illlegality of them,
7:27 am
the dangerousness of them. >> we found this afghanistan if you have an idea for a -- found this information if you have an idea for us, spend your tips to the twin tunnels are undergoing final safety tests this week. they will replace a section of highway 1 near pacifica known for land slides. the 4200-foot tunnels are described as different than anything seen in the u.s. they have shiny white walls, and ten fireproof e shers. they will connect the -- shelters. they will connect. let's check in with sal. >> we have a big crowd here at the toll plaza. it'sing baed up to the maze. 25 to 30-minute delay.
7:28 am
also this mog -- it's backed up to the maze. 25 to 30-minute delay. we have a lot of traffic at 880 at 238 because of an earlier car fire on the shoulder. let's go to steve. weak front coming by. it did ramp up some coastal low clouds. the full moon is 12:26 p.m. mostly sunny inland. a lot of 30s. you can see a little bit of that system kind of dragging across. a lot of 30s. local frosts up to rohnert park -- frost up to rohnert park. the breeze picked you. our system is moving out. just giving us a few high clouds. mostly sunny today. high pressure kicks in. the storm track is out of the vary. it's all over everywhere else -- except here. friday is march 1st.
7:29 am
it will be about 72, 73 degrees. it's 7:26. it was billed as a sure hit but did the oscars show deliver? we'll have a report on that and who is not happy with "argo's" big win. and a bay area family missing in san francisco. why there's growing concern for their safety. >> reporter: we're live at the embarcadero where the james herman cruise terminal is one step closer to being complete. we'll talk about the major milestone it hit recently -- coming up as "mornings on 2" continues.
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the state department now joining the search for a couple in oakland now missing from south america. this comes as americans in that part of the world have been warned to be careful. >> that's right. just days ago, we reported a
7:33 am
warning from the u.s. embassy in peru about a kidnapping threat for american tourists. now a young couple from oakland is missing. they left the area in november for a bike trek through south america. they've been actively posting updates about their adventure on facebooks but those posts abruptly stopped at the end of january. posts show they traveled to argentina, chile and peru. one of jamie's last updates said they decided to go to the amazon. we know they took a bus to cusco to lima. >> what kind of warning would they -- warnings would they see while traveling? >> that's the owner of the bike shop where jamie works. a check of the u.s. embassy in peru's website shows a warning of threats around cusco where
7:34 am
they were last seen. we understand. bike shop has issued an information for their -- we understand the bike has has issued information for their return. political reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype to walk us through federal budget cuts that could take effect on friday. but you say the cuts will not be equal at every federal department. why is that? >> reporter: that's the saying in the congress department. some departments have been just -- they've gotten ready in a much better fashion than others. the general accountability office which is the investigative arm of the office, they went through different cuts and they will not have furloughs there. some members of congress have short-staffed their offices just in case we went through some of this so some of them will be okay and won't have to get rid of anybody. then you have the military
7:35 am
which said last week, they would have furloughs beginning in late april for 700,000-plus defense civilian workers starting in late april. not all of these budget cuts are equal. they won't hit at the same time. a lot of the furloughs will not begin until april because of a 30-day notice that's required. don't look for this friday or next monday for everybody to be gloom and doom. some of the cuts won't hit immediately. >> does that leave a glimmer of hope? does that give congress another month or so -- >> reporter: yeah, and it comes at the right time that in the month of march, lawmakers have to work on a stop-gap budget that runs out on march 27th. so you have that time maybe over the next three, four weeks for congress to maybe better target these cuts so they are not across the board, come up with a different formula and that doesn't agree mean they
7:36 am
will agree on anything. i just don't sense in the halls of the capitol any kind of gloom or doom war we have to do something or it's gonna happen. in fact, it's very possible that neither the house nor the senate will be in session and working here in d.c. this friday, the deadline day. >> i assume something will happen this week in the next three or four days to try to make some progress here? >> reporter: i'm not so sure about that. we had votes in the senate. at this point in time, there's no guarantee either of them will get senate votes in the senate. the house has nothing on the schedule dealing with the see questions ter. lead -- sequester. the leaders said, the senate needs to do something. so republicans are standing book and saying we have to -- back and saying we have to have some spending cuts. the white house says -- in reality they have put out
7:37 am
bullet points. we haven't gotten down to the nitty-gritty and neither has offered up something that either will accept. >> thank you, jimmy. you will find a link to his insider blog at also president obama has spelled out the type of spending cuts that our state would see if he and congressional republicans cannot agree on how to stop them. the white house detailed the impacts in a letter over the weekend and we'll give you the numbers coming up at 8:15. 7:35. a new cruise ship terminal is coming to san francisco. ktvu's brian flores is right there, live on the water front to tell us all about it. >> reporter: hi, dave. if you have driven by the embarcadero, you know there's units of construction going on here mainly for the cruise ships but also for the america's cup. here at pier 27 that certainly is the case. this political has sit a
7:38 am
milestone because it will be open for business tomorrow. for the long time, this two- story, ten-acre, $90 million project will be open. this completes phase one of the project which will allow for the building to be used for america cup's see cents and the finish line around starting line would not be too far from here. ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place sometime tomorrow morning. mayor lee will be here to officially open the building. a lot of construction going on to complete with the second phase that will include retail, landscaping and finishing off the parking area at the pier. it also finishes the details. a lot of construction going on. once it's completed, it should be very nice. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads.
7:39 am
>> i was distracted. someone was telling me some sports stuff. >> no! you are talking sports? >> this is the car that was on fire at one point. they are putting it on a flatbed tow truck. i want newschopper2 to pan to show that northbound 880 is a mess. we've been watching it for you. the newschopper2 showing us the backup that stretches wale into hayward -- well into hayward. if you are driving before 238, that's where the backup is. please give yourself a little extra time. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a 25 to 30-minute delay. it is moving there. but it's not been a great monday for the bay bridge toll plaza. i would say if you can still pull out a b.a.r.t. trip if you can do that, it would be pretty good to get in as an alternate route. you might want to wait a while
7:40 am
before this starts getting a little bit looser. 20 to 30-minute drive time getting into san francisco. i want to move the maps down to 238 and mowry avenue heading south. it's about a 21-minute delay. not as bad as we've seen. but that's the drive time right now. let's go to steve. some patchy, low clouds around. a couple of reports of rain. ronald thompson up in crescent city, some light rain. john up in eureka also said some light rain. this system is not doing anything for us. u rue cau, california -- u key raw, california, eureka, california, 31. the headlines say it's very quiet. we're ending february very quiet. no rain in sight. maybe march 6th. it will feel very spring like
7:41 am
here. it's cool to cold. there's a lot of 30s. local frost, sunny, breezy. a little cooler today. it's a dry forecast. high temperature has built in. friday is march 1st. we'll see low to mid-70s. 30s, 40s to mid-40s on the lows. very chilly conditions. middle of the stunt. also the deep south, that's the pattern. it's just not happening here but it is in other part the -- it is in other parts of the united states. coastal fog. a little breezy at times. more of a westerly or northwesterly breeze. 50s to low 60s. still pretty nice inland. but then temperatures start to rebound. and then sunny and warmer. i mean, it will feel march like as we head towards friday/saturday. thank you, steve. award season came to a big finish with last night's oscar ceremony. this morning people are still talking about the show. our reporter is in hollywood with a look at some of the night's biggest moments.
7:42 am
good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. there was so many quality films this year. it reminded me of 1994 when we saw "four weddings and a funeral" dike it out with big -- duke it out with the big three, including the winner, "forrest gump." >> you guys have made some beautiful, some inspiring movies. i made ted. >> reporter: to present the biggest award of the night, first lady michelle obama made a live appearance from the white house. >> and the oscar goes to -- "argo." >> reporter: the film set during the iranian hostage crisis was also recognized for editing and adept screenplay. >> i want to thank canada and our friends in iran.
7:43 am
>> reporter: les miserables won three oscars including best supporting actress, anne hathaway. >> it came true. ♪ >> reporter: adele performed "sky fall." "life of pi" took home three, including ang lee for best director. daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln." jennifer lawrence tripped over her dress on the way to the stage. >> you guys are just and staing up because you feel -- are just standing up because you feel bad i feel. that's really nice. thank you. >> reporter: and back to you
7:44 am
now, tori. >> thank you, paul. not everyone is happy about "argo" winning for best picture. the movie about the 1979 iranian hostage crisis is being dismissed by iran's state tv. it says "argo" is nothing but an advertisement for the cia and a political statement by america. some iranians who saw the movie on pirated dvds, say it was nice to see the story from the other side. it is 7:42. we're tracking a manhunt in las vegas following a shootout on the las vegas trip. who police believe is responsible for the gun battle that killed and oakland rapper.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
audio] some yahoo! employees are being wooed by competitors now that the company says it wants all of
7:48 am
its employees to work in offices instead of remotely. janine de la vega is live at the headquarters. i know there's a lot of talk about this. >> reporter: there definitely is. the parking lot here at yahoo! will start to look a lot fuller. you can see employees already started to showing up. there's been a lot of chat on twitter and blogs online with people posting their opinions. one person on twitter calls it a blow to working parents. now, let's take a look at what this report says. yahoo!'s hr department reportedly sent out a memo to its employees on friday detailing the new no more working from home policy. all things digital reported many employees impacted were upset because some were initially hired with the understanding that they could work more flexibly.
7:49 am
the statement says -- >> reporter: here's what people told us this morning -- >> yeah, it does seem a little backwards. i would think in a tech company like that, you would certainly have a lot of job roles that that would work out well with. >> i work in medical device. so i understand the physical action of being at work. but for a software company it seems a little surprising. >> reporter: the new policy takes effect in june and basically suggests if employees are not comfortable with it, maybe they should look elsewhere for work. on twitter company other companies have suggested that they come to work for them. marissa meyer, the ceo, is
7:50 am
taking a lot of flack for this. i got someone response on twitter who responded to me saying "it's heartalso, she, referring to meyer, cares more about profits than company." you can see a lot of people are passionate eight when it comes -- passionate when it comes to this. we'll have an update coming up on "mornings on 2." janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. well, the company sent out at memo "it's critical we're all presence in our offices. some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people and also having impromptu team meetings." they also say that speed and quality are sacrificed when you from home. fyke wants permission to build -- facebook wants
7:51 am
permission to build taller campus. the building on the second floor can only be 35 feet tall. they want them taller than that. neighbors are worried about construction noise and zoning if approved. police have identified amar harris as a suspect in the las vegas shooting that killed three people, including rapper kenny clutch. authorities believe harris fired several rounds into a maserati that clutch was driving causing him to crash into a taxi. he has arrests for sexual assault, robbery and kidnapping acowarding to court records. we have new information in the oscar pistorius shooting. the olympia has reported to authorities in south africa. he reportedly met under the bail terms in his murder case.
7:52 am
he's charged with killing riva steevkamp at his home. he was released on bail on friday. hamid karzai saying all u.s. special forces must be out of a key eastern province within two weeks, because of torturing and murders. last month, the president met with president karzai about possibly keeping about 9,000 american troops in america past the 2014 withdrawal date. a high stakes civil trial for the gulf oil spill has officially started. a judge will hear several hours of opening statements by lawyers for both sides everybody voed in the gulf spill where 11 workers were
7:53 am
killed. bp could face fines of about $17 billion which would make it the biggest civil fine in history. a large group of protesters are gathering outside the courtroom holding up protests signs. coming up at 8:10, we'll bring you a live report from new orleans with more on what they are demanding. the big jump in gas prices is sparking new rounds of complaints from drivers. right now, the national average is $3.80 according to the lundberg survey of gas price us. gas prices are even higher in california. tear reports san francisco price -- aaa reports the prices have gone up in san francisco. san francisco police commission is studying whether police should be armed with
7:54 am
tasers. the commission just launched three public forums to get feedback. greg suhr has allowed officers trained in crisis intervention to carry tasers or stun guns. opponents say the guns can cause serious injuries and deaths and have caused other cities millions in lawsuits. thousands of parolees, including convicted sex offenders are removing their court-ordered gps monitors. there's little risk they will be sent back to prison because of overcrowding. "the los angeles times" reports a growing number of parolees are choosing to cut off the tracks devices because they are freed within days or hours of being arrested for violating parole. californians voted in 2006 to require high-risk sex offenders to be tracked for life with gps monitors. well, today, kfc is launching a campaign to rebuild its brand in china.
7:55 am
kfc has 4,000 restaurants in china. the biggest fast-food chain in china. customers started to stay away after television reported some of the suppliers violated rules and used drugs to fatten up chickens. sales in china fell more than a third. the company says it will stress strict management and they will drop any supplier that does not follow the rules. the bay area has a big presence on the "sought today's" miss of 100 restaurants -- on the "usa today's" miss of 100 restaurants on the list. the french laundry is number one. seven other local restaurants on that very special list. all right. it is 7:53. we'll have a check on traffic
7:56 am
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we want it check in with sal, some problems out there? >> we've had slow traffic. one of the things that we're watching is some of the slowest commutes. let's start off with 280 in san jose northbound. you will see some slowing getting up to highway 17. no problems do doing this commute. but it will be slow. getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza, the commute looks pretty good as you drive through. no major problems by the way. as you get on the bridge, one of the things i do want to mention, is that the east bay is pretty slow. i want to mention the nimitz freeway. we had earlier problems near 238. that's been slow. as we move the maps a little bit farther down, here from 238 to mowry, 30 minutes. let's go to steve. >> some patchy low clouds, weak cool front, kind of moving through. very cold lows even though it
7:59 am
will be sunny to mostly sunny. the lows start off in the 30s and 40s. coast, bay, inland, didn't matter. there's ure system. not much left of it. it ramped up the fog a little bit. still 30s and 40s. i think the 8:00 temperatures you should notice it. temperatures keep driving up the north. a little cooler coast and bay. more of a westerly breeze. mostly sunny, looks really good. friday is march 1st. it will feel spring like. >> all right. mc hammer reacting to his weekend arrest in the east bay and goes on twitter. how the dublin police department is responding to his claims of racial profiling. >> reporter: hope is fading after a family's sailboat sinks off the coast. we'll tell you about the coast guard's extensive, 15-hour
8:00 am
search to try to find them alive. >> reporter: a vacant rohnert park home goes up in flames overnight. a huge fire in this area. investigators just arriving on scene to pinpoint a cause. i'll tell you what neighbors are saying about people who may have been staying inside this home.
8:01 am
8:02 am
welcome back. i'm it it. >> i'm dave clark. we begin with developing news. four family members vanished after a boat trip in san mateo county. two missing are children. tara moriarty is on yerba buena island with the very latest on this expanding search. >> reporter: this is a family of four, a mother, father, two children. we don't know their nails or where they are from. the name of the boat is called "the charm blow." if you recognize the name, the coast guard would like a call from you. they need any help they can get. this is moffett field. over the past 45 minute, the air national guard dispatch and and airplane looking for this boat for any trace of the sale
8:03 am
boat or any signs of life, for that matter. the boat was filling up with water and the family had no life devices on board. they are trying to build a -- they were trying to use a cooler for a life float. high winds and seas kicked up over the weekend. warnings did go out. if this family was out of the area, they simply had no idea about that. the coast guard says besides a lifeboat, every boat should have a signal to dispatch to the coast guard immediately.
8:04 am
tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are trying to identify a body pulled from the oakland estuary. police say the body of a man was spotted floating about 20 feet from shore just south of jack london square yesterday afternoon. police are trying to determine who he was and how he died. fremont police have arrested a man and a woman on suspicion of caring jaing. the -- carjacking. the arrest followed a short chase that ended at the union landing shopping center. a passenger inside one of the hit cars was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. 8:02. investigators still looking for clues after a late-night house fire in rohnert park. investigators think the fire on aim ma -- you alma avenue started in the garage around 11:30 last night. then it spread to the house. alex savidge has been there since 4:30. you can tell us how much damage was caused and the video you will see only on channel 2. >> reporter: the home has been
8:05 am
vacant for about the past three months. firefighters say the place was locked up. some of the neighbors are telling me that they believe squatters were staying inside this home that was supposedly empty at the time. the fire broke out here in the garage area and as you can see, it was destroyed. let me show you the scene minutes ago as rohnert park fire investigators returned here to the scene to begin gathering evidence. they told me that -- i tried to ask them about the investigation. they told me they can't talk about a possible cause for this fire. but this was a huge fire that started just before midnight at this home on the 7100 block of alma avenue. 15 firefighters called in from rohnert park, rancho adobe and rincon valley. it took them close to a half- hour to knock down the flames here. no firefighters were injured in the process. but some of the neighbors in this area did get out of their houses as a precaution. they evacuated themselves worried the flames would jump
8:06 am
to their places. i talked to someone neighbor who described towering flames. >> there was just fiery ash. i was afraid this tree was gonna catch fire. it was big. there used to be a garage here. you can see how there isn't one here, that it's completely leveled. >> reporter: this home has been red tagged. no one allowed to go inside because it is a crime scene. the fire did more than $50,000 in damage and firefighters right now are actually trying to reach the owner of the home who i'm told living out of the area. we'll bring you back here to a live picture, you can see the fire burned this back fence and obviously people who lived nearby, thankful that firefighters were able to get this under control. again -- again, fire investigators on the scene trying to persistent a cause at a home that was supposedly vacant in rohnert park.
8:07 am
alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:40 -- 8:04. he was arrested in the east bay. he's on twitter blaming racial profiling. mc hammer's arrest in dublin has made headlines but now the dublin police department is telling its side of the story. now, dublin police say it started as a traffic stop late thursday because the car he was driving had expired registration. police say he refused to get out of the car. but after a short argument, he finally got out. he was arrested for obstructing and resisting an after. the police officer is guilty of racial profiling because he allegedly asked if he was on parole or probation. a church meal for the homeless has become the target of residents in the dubois triangle. the st. francis church says it will continue to operate the sunday morning meal program despite complaints according to
8:08 am
the "examiner." some residents and businesses have seen an increase in criminal activity. that church feeds around 125 people. they continue to plan to feed the poor especially during lent. tax payers may be asked to pay to fix crawl belling roads. she -- to fix crumbling roads. the taxes include .25 or .50 sales tax or a million-dollar bond measure that would cost the average homeowner $11 -- $100 a year. sal, can you help the folks on highway 24. >> we're trying to. westbound 24 as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. moderately avenue. that commute has not been that bad. but nearby on 680 as i'm about to show you, it's pretty slow.
8:09 am
people may be having trouble getting to the commute. i want to take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've seen some improvement. those 880 lamp -- ramps are almost empty. we see some improvement at the taupe. it's about a 15-minutes delay. as we go into the 8:00 -- toll plaza. it's about a 15-minute delay. as we go into the 8:00, it's moving along. there's a lot of slow traffic through that area. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. a little bit of low clouds came in. all it takes is a weak cool front. at the same time, it looks like it's chewing you. forecast headlines talk about not much. mostly sunny, a little breezy. high clouds. that will clear out here in the morning. a very quiet week getting warmer. probably if not wednesday, thursday and friday. friday will be march 1st. next rain unless something changes, it's around march 6th.
8:10 am
it can change this time of year but everything says no, not until then. low clouds, sun, cool, to cold. a lot of low 30s. sunny, breezy. sot not as warm as sunday. but the system is already losing a lot of its punch. we're on the western edge of it. except for the patchy clouds and lower clouds, it's about out of here. not much change. wednesday, thursday, friday, we'll say good boy to february and hello march -- goodbye to february and march. it was cold. local frost, especially from novato up to rohnert park and santa rosa. very active pattern in the deep south. it will be in the northeast. parts of the great lakes and blizzard conditions in kansas and oklahoma. there's already travel delays in oklahoma city. i mean there's some really impressive systems moving across the country.
8:11 am
mostly sunny, patchy coastal fog. breezy at times. 50s and os. lows -- 60s. lows, a little bit cooler by the coast. we have the weak front coming in. not much change. this system will fall apart. with the weekend always in slew, it does look sunny, and warmer thursday and friday. the trial going on right now will decide how much bp will pay for the gulf oil spill nearly three years ago. casey siegel is live outside of the federal cut hours in new orleans for the -- courthouse in new orleans for the civil trail. >> reporter: there's a lot of money at stake. bp and its partners could choose to settle as well.
8:12 am
they've come under fire right sently because people -- recently because people criticized them for not settling, calling them fairly arrogant that they wanted to go to trial because they believe they should pay about $5 billion in penalties. what's at stake is upwards of in penalties. there are two phases, basically. phase one is what started today and it is primarily going to focus on the event leading up to the explosion itself. what caused the national gas to leak from that well in april of 2010, how did the grass reach the deck of the "deep water horizon" and why did this sink killing 11 people. bp has said along that no single action, party or person
8:13 am
caused it and that everyone shares the blame. phase two is tentativety scheduled for december. that will be focused on how they handled the aftermath and how much oil was spilled because the fine will be based on two things -- how much oil went into the gulf of mexico and if gross negligence is proved. the federal government has said some $5 billion barrels of oil leaked during that period. bp says that number is too high. one of the big reasons they are fighting this, the penalties are set peregal. they will owe $1100 per barrel or if negligence is proven it jumps to $4300 per barrel. environmentalists have been here. they've been waiting for this a long tie. they feel this is their way in
8:14 am
court. even three years later, oil is still watching up in parts of the gulf coast states, especially after hurricane isaac over the summer. big oil slicks, oil sheens were scene floating out in the gulf. that oil was tested and scientists determined it was, in fact, bp's oil from the spill three years ago. so they are still feeling the effects today. the environmentalists want as much money as they can to continue the cleanup and the restoration efforts if this $18 billion is awarded, that money would be split up between the federal government, the gulf coast states and the hundreds of and hund dreads of others plaintiffs like fibbermen and people who were affected by the spill. as we said, a lot is at stake here. the trial could last quite some time. we're on top of it and we'll keep you updated. that's the latest, we're live,
8:15 am
casey stegall, back to you. >> thank you. it's a time of historic change for the catholic church. a former san francisco archbishop now said to make the biggest announcement. spending cuts would hit education and other sectors as well. which one stands to lose the most? ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:18 am
governor jerry brown will be meeting today at the white house with president obama. governor brown and governors from all over the country are in washington for the annual governors' meeting expected to talk about federal spending cuts and how they could impact government workers, schools and other programs. vice president joe biden and first lady, michelle obama, will be at the white house meeting. the new federal healthcare law is on governor brown's agenda. >> when we work together, democrats and republicans, north, south, east and west, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own. last night, the governor was at the governor's din -- was at the governors 'dinner. the prime minister did not mention -- the president it not mention spending cuts but says there's still a lot of work to do. >> the white house is outlining
8:19 am
how the sequester set to start on friday would impact california. the cuts would slash $90 million from california teachers and schools. military under funding could shrink by $0 million for air force and army bases in the state. the republicans say the federal spending cuts will not be as bad as the president says. >> we're talking about less than 3%, a federal government that will still grow. only in washington is that a cut. >> thousands of teachers -- >> still the president claims nearly 150,000 fewer would get employment. for more information, go to and click on the hot topics tab. cardinal william la levada is getting ready to have a
8:20 am
press conference. this is about selecting a new pope. the church is not releasing any details. levada was archbishop from 19 5 to 2009 before taking a powerful job at the vatican. >> and he's not the only one announcing news this morring. hours ago we learned that bibb's most senior cardinal -- that britain's most senior cardinal has been forced to resign early. kyla campbell has more. >> reporter: the vatican is on the defense this morning. it denies claim from italian media that pope benedict decided to resign after getting a report from cardinals in december outlining corruption and homosexuality in the vatican. >> the pope's resignation takes effect on thursday. at a vatican news conference, we deseed that he started to move up the process of -- dear decided to move up the -- decided to move up the process
8:21 am
of electing a new pope. the vatican today denied claims the pope is resigning under these claims. >> i don't worry they are being taken in by it. >> three cardinals authored the pope. the pope read this report in december and considered releasing it to other cardinals but instead the word is from the vatican he's putting it back in the papal abeat its waking the next pope's review. keith o'brien from scotland is being forced into early resignation. all of this is happening as california's 11 million
8:22 am
catholics observe lent. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. peninsula state assemblyman jerry hill is calling for an audit of the state public utilities commission. he says the bill was forecasted after the agency -- drafted after the agency the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e is planning more safety training for their workers after three fatal accidents in three years. in 2010, an employee was killed in benicia. two other workers have been killed since then. cal/osha found nine violations of safety laws, several were serious. pg&e told the cell phonicle
8:23 am
that since -- told the clinicle that they've been focusing on training. the brentwood school board announced it is seeking new leadership over the situation after a teacher was convicted of kicking a 5-year-old autistic student back in 2010. the school board will make a final decision to dismiss grant at the board meeting on wednesday night. the board member will select an interim leader. 8:21. would you pay to drive alone in a carpool lane? the new plans and where you may soon see them on bay area freeways. and steve paulson will tell us if we can expect sunshine during this final week of february. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
8:24 am
8:25 am
i'm just red carpets, big spectacles and the a-list. that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose, to the impromptu... to the completely unexpected. and you'll only have to think about a list... when you cross this, off your own. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at
8:26 am
the san francisco chronicle reports calpers is planning an
8:27 am
85% increase and that would affect 113,000 policyholders. they will get more information on the options and expected to make changes by june 30th. a lot of bay area carpool lanes will soon be open to all drivers if they are willing to pay a price. transit frills say -- transit officials say by the end of 2013, solo will be able to pay a fee to use 580, 680 and 880 driving solo. this will be the first phase in the plan to create a network of carpool lanes. sal? >> there's some improvements -- i'm sorry. my typing skills are not very good. some improvements. northbound 880 and southbound 880 -- it's a little bit slow.
8:28 am
but it's better than it was. i will show you the improvement i'm talking about. when we go to the toll plaza, remember it was backed up for about a 30-minute delay. it's been cut in half, a 10 to 15-minute delay at at toll plaza. there are no major problems. those of us -- those of you who have the luxury of waiting around a little bit later really getting the benefit of the commute, also looking at walnut creek, 680, i'm gonna refresh it here. near rutger there is an accident on the shoulder. southbound is slow. 8:26 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we had a weak system coming by. did give us coastal clouds. higher clouds won't last much longer. cold this morning, we could use some rain. we're all falling rapidly.
8:29 am
we've gone from above to below. two dry months in a row will do that. october, november, december. there's our system, it's literally dying on the vine. 30s and 40s. had some cold readings. 32-degree readings from novato, napa, 33 degrees. san jose had a windchill. 34. that was at the airport. our system says california, no, i'm not coming over you. i don't really see much change tuesday and wednesday. one more system might give us a similar pattern and then everything says goodbye february and hello march with sunshine and warmer weather. steve and not joking. the jokes kept coming during last night's academy awards show. >> we'll bring you a live
8:30 am
report from hollywood on the oscar shows, the big winners and even bigger moments. last seen january 26th a bay area couple on the adventure of their life. now the search for them. >> reporter: and pier 27 is one step closer to becoming complete. we'll talk about the major milestone it hit coming up at "mornings on 2" continues.
8:31 am
8:32 am
we reported a warning from
8:33 am
the u.s. embassy in peru about a kidnapping threat for american tourists. it seems the young couple from oakland may be part of the reason for that warning. garrett hand and jamie neil left for a bike trek through south america. that he had been actively posting on their facebook from there but the posts abruptly stopped january 26th. they traveled through argentina, chile and peru. jamie works at a bike ship in the area and that's where we shut poth her bike. >> it's upsetting. >> one of the last updates mentions going to the am may done. we know they took a bus to lima and was last seen getting into a cab. now, again, the u.s. state department is already involved in the search, they are handing
8:34 am
out fliers in the area. the bicycle shop is septembering up an award fund. if anybody has friends, people they know in peru, they are being asked to help out in the search. >> eight terms are out of their home after a five -- five of- story apt union caught fire. it happened on golden gate and larkin street. photos from a ktvu viewer show smoke coming out of the building. two police officers in the area saw the smoke and helped residents get out of their homes. >> turned out it was a grease plume from the runt that got into the apartments. >> the red cross is helping the displaced families.
8:35 am
memorial services are held for this little girl. last week, deputies found her body in a field near salinas. the bis doffry came two weeks after she -- the discovery came two weeks after she disappeared. later today, the western soma community plan goes before the board of supervisors in san francisco. the plan involved building new housing along folsom between 7th and 13th. it also means tearing down old buildings that at one time housed the gay bars of the famous miracle mile. some other nightclub owners are worried in the area. they say having houses could mean more noise and service restrictions for their businesses. a new cruise ship terminal will be opening in san francisco tomorrow. the big ships are not coming in just yet. ktvu's brian flores is right there on the embarcadero will
8:36 am
tell us how the terminal will be used before the cruise ships begin to dock. >> reporter: hi, dave. beautiful day here in the embarcadero. a lot of construction going on behind me here at pier 27. it's a beautiful big there, too. but officially that building is gonna be open for business starting tomorrow. but for the long-term, this two- story, $90 million project will be mainly for cruise ships. as you mentioned, this is the official, hads of the america cup's races. this basically completes phase one of the project. the starting line and finish line are not too far from here. ribbon-cutting ceremonies will take place and mayor ed lee will be here tomorrow morning to officially open the building to the public. as we mentioned, a lot of construction to complete with the second phase to take place during the coming months which will include retail, landscaping and finishing off the parking area at the pier. it includes, finishing the details of the building. officials say once the cruise ship terminal is complete, it
8:37 am
will be a 21st-century state of the art experience. as we take it back out here live, pretty quiet out here. this can hold up to 4,000 on a cruise ship. back to you. >> thank you. 8:35. we want to check on 101 in san francisco. >> all right, tori and dave. we're winding down, which is good. we are gating much better as you drive through -- getting much better as you drive through. northbound 101, seeing slow traffic approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. but for the most part getting into san francisco is not that bad. i would suggest 280 instead. bay bridge toll plaza, the delay there is about ten minutes before you get into the city. no major problems there. if you are driving onto the east shore freeway, it's been pretty slow from pinole all the way down to richmond, it's
8:38 am
getting better as you drive. this is a look at the commute -- let's move this down a little bit. that traffic is moderate. 8:35. let's go to steve. a very good morning. we had a weak cold front slide pie. did give us low clouds. temperatures starting to rebound. 37, santa rosa. 38, napa, 39 livermore. already 48 in oakland and at sfo. a little breezy. slightly cooler than sunday. a very quiet week. a very quiet independent to february. it's getting warmer. end of the week, looks like a lot of low 70s for the high temperatures. next rain around march 6th. maybe around that. the projections are not for that much. things are not looking good. we'll see if it changes. but started off 46 in san francisco. went mostly sunny. it will be 58. all that's left of the system. it tried. everything continues to march
8:39 am
in the pacific northwest and then dive down into the northern plains, part, of the texas panhandle, kansas, blizzard conditions. heavy rain in the deep south. severe weather as well. nothing in california unless you are up in crescent city and eureka. i mean, 31 in eureka, that's really cold. extended outlook once we get past thursday, and into march 1st on friday, temperatures will be mild to warm. a little bit cooler. cold lows this morning. 30s, 40s, giving way to 50s and 60s. a few high clouds holding on. not much of a change. everything says ridge of high pressure builds in. that means sunshine and warmer weather. the weekend could change. it does look like rain-free for a while. >> all right. 8:37 at the academy awards from the red carpet to the big
8:40 am
winners. it was the night a movie magic at the oscars. our reporter is in hollywood right now. good to see you again, paul! tell us about the moment that people are talking about this morning. always good to see you. >> reporter: they are talking about jennifer lawrence's stumble, they are talking about daniel day-lewis's victory and that they spread things out. we didn't see a bunch of trophy go to one movie. we saw it sort of evenly distributed. on hollywood's biggest night, even seth mcfarland seemed a bit star struck. >> you guys have have made some inspiring -- have made some inspining movies. i made -- inspiring movies. i made ted. and michelle obama made an appearance. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> reporter: the film set during the iranian hostage crisis was also recognized for
8:41 am
edits and adepted screenplay. >> i think everybody on who did work on this movie or had anything to to with it gets -- to do with it gets credi i i want to thank our -- credit. i want to thank our friends in canada and iran. >> and "adele" performed ask the sky fall." "life of pi" took home four oscars, including best film to ang lee. >> thank you, god. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln." >> wins we got married three years ago, my wife has lived with very strange men. >> you guys are just standing up because you feel bad i feel and that's very embarrassing.
8:42 am
but thank you. >> reporter: back out here live. "sky fall's" win, had it been a long time, since 1966 in thunder ball since a bond movie won an academy award. >> and paul, you get an award for being one of the best reporters, too. good to see you. and pixar made oscar history with its 7th win for best- animated feature film. they won a golden statue for "brave." the movie features the first female lead with her quest to save her family. an historic weekend at daytona beach. the ugly scene that became before the big race even started. and new reports that alex smith's days with the 4ers may
8:43 am
be numbered. >> reporter: we're live -- 49ers may be numbered. >> reporter: we're live from sunnyvale where yahoo! may be putting a controversy working policy in force. lucky charms?! ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste!
8:44 am
[ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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8:46 am
the stock is within about 150 points of the record high of 14,163 reached in october of 2007. early gains came despite the threat of automatic spending cuts that could begin on friday if lawmakers cannot reach a budget deal. the dow is currently turned around, down 17. the nasdaq is still up 10. s&p up 1. some yahoo! employees are being wooed by competitors now that the sunnyvale company wants its offices to work in the office instead of remotely. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about this on twitter. i've been asking people to tweet me with their opinions. here's one i got from tony chung. he says that when yahoo! sees a mass exodus of talent,
8:47 am
we'll see if they can survive. here is a portion -- here's a portion of what was leaked. that member low came out friday. it was leaked. and that brought about frustrated employees. when they were initially hired, it was their understanding that they could work flexibly. >> i think that some people actually work better at home. i think it should be done on a per-situation basis. so if they have had people that have been there for years and they used to work at home and they have great result, you 
8:48 am
shouldn't take that away from them. on twitter, some people are calling this ban a step backwards. other companies actually started to encourage yahoo! employees to come work for them because they have flexible work policies. the ceo of yahoo is taking a lot of flack for this. another comment that we're seeing here on twitter that was posted just in the last hour, one woman says i hoped a young ceo would break barriers and improve life. so, again, a lot of talk online on twitter and people have very passionate opinions about this. back to you.
8:49 am
>> thank you. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now -- the coast guard and those helicopters are searching for two missing adults and two children. they are -- their 29-foot sailboat started to take on water late friday. the four unidentified family members including two children under the age of 8 abandoned ship. tara moriarty will have much more on this voyeur in a couple of minutes. $50,000 damage caused by this overnight house fire in rohnert park. it happened at a vacant house on alma avenue. luckily, no one was hurt. britain's top cleric, keith o'brien is stepping down. after being accused of misconduct. o'brien says he will no longer join the conclave of cardinals that will be picking the next pope. this morning, the pope changed the conclave rules, allowing the cardinals to move up the date to choose his successor. hamid karzai is saying all
8:50 am
u.s. special forces must be out of a key eastern province within two weeks. this comes after allegations that afghans are, woulding alongside the special forces helping to torture, abuse and even murder civilians in thepry vince. the u.s. military rejected any suggestion that the special forces carried out such crimes. last month, president obama met with mr. karzai about possibly keeping about 9,000 troops in afghanistan past the 2014 withdrawal date. first lady michelle obama is challenging jerry brown and the rest of the nation's governors to make it easier for service members to get hired. the first lady is urging governors to pass legislation that would allow veterans to receive professional provincial for skills they developed in the military. that would prevent service members from having to take classes to get certified for skills they already possess.
8:51 am
8:48. in washington, d.c., a dispute among lawmakers over records over private gun sales, it's delaying a bipartisan compromise when it comes to expanding background checks. requiring the background checks for almost all weapons, it's a big part of the president's plan. the checks are currently -- currently only required for sales for federally licensed dealers but not for private sales at gun shows or online. a candlelight vigil will be held tonight in pleasant hill. it will be in memory of the victims of the newtown, connecticut school shooting rampage. it's being held by the brady campaign. the organize's goal is to prevent gun violence. a bell will be rung 26 times in memory of each of the victims killed when a gunman opened fire on teachers and students of the elementary school in connecticut. now the vigil will be held at 6:30 tonight at gregory lane and cleveland road in front of city hall.
8:52 am
if you want to be there, you can also show your support for the president's gun control proposals. 8:49. jimmie johnson is the winner of this year's daytona 500. >> the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion from el cajon, california! >> johnson made a late push to pull ahead of danica patrick. dale earnhardt, junior was second for the third time in four years. patrick became the first woman to win a pole position as wellals the first woman to lead a big lap in the big race. she was wrong the leaders before finishing 8th. tv ratings were up from 30% a year ago. 28 racing fans were hurt. the organizers of the daytona 500 are vowing to conduct a complete investigation.
8:53 am
nascar also says it will look at technology that could help prevent another accident. 49er week alex smith may soon be -- quarterback alex smith may be moving to another team and city. one report says the deal involves the kansas city chiefs. but there's been no official word from the 49ers and no deal can be finalized until the nfl season officially begins and that happens on march 12th. sacramento kings' fans are hoping this will be the week things turn in their favor to keep the team in sacramento. a private group is reportedly close to finishing a bid to buy the kings and keep the team in sacramento. tomorrow, the city council is authorized to allow the city manager to negotiate a deal. sacramento is trying to keep another group from taking the team and moving it to seattle. four family members missing after a boating trip off san
8:54 am
mateo county. two of the missing are young children. what the u.s. coast guard is doing this morning. good morning. traffic in san francisco moderately heavy approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. atever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love
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at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.
8:56 am
the search continues for four family members who vanished after a boat trip in san mateo county. two of the missing boaters are young children. tara moriarty has been covering
8:57 am
this story since 4:30 this moring and tara joins us now to tell us about an expanding search. good morning, tara. >> reporter: we are waiting for an update from the coast guard. they were meeting here on yerba buena island at 8:00. we haven't received any updates as of yet. a mother, father, their 4-year- old child and a cousin under the age of 8 are missing. the name of the poet is called "the charm blow." if you recognize that name, the coast guard would like to hear from you. let's take a look at video 0 from over move -- from over moffett field. airplanes and boats have been all night scouring the sea for any trace of the sailboat or any signs of life. the distressed call aim in at 4:30 last night southwest of santa cruz.
8:58 am
the boat was filling up with water and the family had no lifeboats on board. they were trying to build a cool -- use a cooler and float from there. >> this was really an unreadable transmission that came in because of the electronics going out. we don't know if they were able to make a raft out of the cooler. that's what we think might have happened. but we're not sure. we're reviewing the tapes trying to get whatever details we can out of that. >> reporter: high winds and rough seas kicked in over the weekends. warnings went out. it's possible if this family was out of the -- from was from out of the area, they had no idea about the alert. besides a lifeboat, the coast guard says every boat should come equipped with gps and a beacon that could send a distressed signal straight to the coast guard in emergency cases like this. we'll be allowed to get on the bay pier within the next hour
8:59 am
or so. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning if it turns into a recovery effort. we're live off yerba buena island. back to you. >> thank you. 8:56. sal is back one more strengthen -- one more check on traffic. things are getting beter. >> they are. a little bit of slow traffic here and there. but for the most part things are improving. 880 is slow. this is typical for the drive getting up past the coliseum. i want to show you a live picture at the bay bridge toll plaza. the delay is over to the middle of the parking lot. that's about five minutes. metering lights are still on. if you are driving down the peninsula, we do have some slow traffic on 101 if you want a better route, choose 280. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. full moon, february full moon, 12:26. it will be sunny, mostly sunny. we'll carry that into tuesday and wednesday. first

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